• Richard Davignon

Brand Synergy Design

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Design thinking:

A perfect fit where the appeal of the brand synergy is greater than the sum of the appeal of each brand proposition.

Brand synergy is about creating and adopting a cooperating vision from common characteristics.

The synergetic idea will inspire and guide behaviours and actions, unleash competitive advantage and enhance business performance and deliver growth.

It will align and integrate key selected aspects of each brand’s fundamentals and operations to enhance the brand promise.

Simply put it’s combining the strength of two brands to create a much stronger impact or influence on the consumers by multiple folds.

Such are the guiding principals that were utilized to design Vin Room YYC at the new Calgary International Airport Terminal.

There exists in this circumstance key brand geographies enveloping notions of time and technology for which both the airport and Vin Room capture in the design of the space and its features and experience.

Standing, seating, lounging.

People watching, viewing, reading, working.

Sampling, drinking, nibbling, eating.

Worrying, contemplating, day-dreaming.

Welcome to Vin Room YYC, how much time do you have?

Richard Davignon, Principal, Architect Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design

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