• Richard Davignon

Don’t Hurt My Feelings

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

There is something odd going on in Calgary. Specifically in the single family residential redevelopment market. We are noticing that Modern and Contemporary design is often reduced to a handful of tricks and licks. The must-have horizontal window or the odd offset single slope roof, the blocky lines, the flatness of form and veneered substance. We are getting weary and alarmed at all of the wallpapering of aesthetics.

Behind these designs there is such a lack of understanding about “form making” and “purpose” that we decided to make a point. It doesn’t matter what “look” you want, what matters is how all things come together and how well articulated the idea is.  Well-articulated projects have a clarity in their intent, they seek to speak beyond their modest existence. The “look” shouldn’t be the driver behind the design decisions but rather the substance of the project; the desired experience should be the measure against which all design decisions are calibrated.  The concept should inform the aesthetic that is required to make the experience of the space and the light of the details worthwhile.

Mimicry is simplistic, deplorable and unsustainable. It is just trendy and disposable, it gets tired really fast and… it hurts my feelings.  Let’s do things well, let’s do things with conviction and intent, let’s care. Don’t hurt my feelings!

Richard Davignon, Principal, Architect Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design

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